Hey good people! Your friendly neighborhood Ralph A. Gilmore is here. You might need to sit down and read up on all the awesome news I’d like to share with you in my very first post on my new blog, The Perennial Aesthete.  I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to finally have this baby up and running!

But first things first; I want to wish all my friends and colleagues who observes the Chinese New Year, a very happy Lunar New Year! May you have happiness, prosperity, fortune and good health in the Year of the Monkey.  Now let’s get down to the nitty-gitty on what gave birth to my blog and the content I intend to share in my posts.

I’m pretty active on most of the popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; but I felt a growing need to share my creative works, my inspirations and my concerns about our society, away from the social noise and on to a concentrated platform, such as this blog.  One of the objectives of my blog is to use it as a supplemental online space to my business website: orangemoonwerks.com, which will allow me to promote my work as a graphic designer, illustrator, comic book artist, writer and entrepreneur.

I also aim to discuss my passions and interests in art, design, comic books, movies, gaming, music, sports, tech, culture, fitness, (not-too) exotic foods and cool geek stuff. Just as importantly, I want to express my views on fatherhood, my concerns of being an African-American in today’s society and my hopes as a citizen of the world.

I don’t know what the future holds as far this blog is concerned, but the ultimate goal for me is to be a source of inspiration and information… perhaps, be that beacon of light for anyone who’s experiencing some dark days at the moment.  For those that are–the only thing I can say is to continue to hold fast to your faith, stay humble, hungry and work as hard as you can.  Life can change in an instant… and it will.

The key is love.  If you like my blog, be sure to subscribe to it and share it with your family and friends via social networks and word of mouth.  Until my next post, which is coming very soon, thank you all for reading and I look forward to some of  your comments and feedback.