‘He Is Not My President’: Why I Dread the Future of America Under Donald Trump’s Presidency

Photo Credit:  Chicago Tribune (Tribune News Services)

For over the last 24 hours, I’ve been facilitating between shock, disbelief, grief, anger, horror and shame.  I’ve repeatedly questioned how we’ll be able to move forward in the coming days or weeks, while unceasingly struggled to anticipate the vision of the world and the changes that president elect Donald Trump is planning to implement on our nation.  Make no mistake, this is truly one of the biggest upsets in American history; and yes, as a father, son, brother and entrepreneur, I have dire concerns about the future of our nation.

Image: US Presidential Election

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I really try to refrain from sharing negative images or slandering anyone online or offline; however, I’m unwavering when it comes to being brutally honest with myself, the people I keep in close company and individuals I associate myself with.  So I ask some of you, can you envision what’s to come?  For me personally, I’m anticipating a higher frequency of race-related crimes and police violence against Black Americans.  To those who saw fit for Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States, this is the man you entrust with nuclear codes at his disposal, while also possessing the temperament of a 5-year-old child; just let that sink in for a moment.

Let’s also not forget his intentions on building a Mexico border wall, and his outlandish idea of banning Muslims from entering the country.  Are we that damn naive, and quite frankly, that pathetic to put a man in the White House, who doesn’t hide the fact he is a racist, sexist, xenophobe that ran his campaign on the wheels of controversy and bigotry?

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As a result of the outcome of presidential election, many Americans are heartbroken, while many other Americans.  So where do we go from here?  Hopefully, we can let our emotions subside and work towards common goals and solutions.  The worse thing that can happen now is that we become cynical about our future, act beyond civil reasoning and lose out on all hope.  The one thing I worry about is our self-destructing habits and emotionally-charged decisions that we make as a whole entity.  Besides leaning on my own spiritual convictions, I can’t give up on faith and my belief in humanity.  As much as people claim to be moving out of the country, there is no nation in the world that gives us the rights and privileges, to fight a movement of hate and stand up for those who are most vulnerable. We can’t just turn a blind eye to the power that we have at our disposal and we clearly did not take advantage of that.  This thing goes well beyond the election.

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At this time, I understand that there are some things that are completely beyond my control, but there are others things that I can control… work ethic, attitude, faith, etc. We all try to keep our lives in balance and handle our responsibilities as best as possible, but the one thing I’m most proud of is being a father of a beautiful young daughter.  I’m watchful of all the crazy things that occur in this world, so I’m more than up for the daily challenge of being a protector, provider and a voice of reason for my child.  It’s all about knowing who you are and what you stand for, while not allowing anyone to change that. So we can be mad for the next four years (if that plays out), or we can find ways to small victories for ourselves, our families and our friends.

Now that the presidential election has concluded, what changes will you make in your life in order to move forward?  I’d love to read some of your comments and feedback.

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