Andre Ward: The Perseverance, Resiliency and Cerebral Ringmanship of Boxing’s Silent Warrior

After watching last weekend’s much-anticipated boxing match between Sergei Kovalev and Andre Ward held in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena, in which Ward earned a victory in a hard-fought, courageous effort, my immediate response was, “now that’s how you respond!”  This fight resonated with me as a perfect example of how you persevere under difficult situations.  It is your reaction to adversity that often determines one’s own success. (Photo Credit: Anthony  Geathers) 

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Photo Credit:  Al Bello/Getty Images

Getting back to the main subject matter at hand, as a die-hard boxing enthusiast, in which I make the sport a huge part of my fitness regimen, Andre Ward is one of my favorite athletes who inspires me.  Personally, Ward is my favorite current boxer and once again, this man proved how much a true champion he really is.  I call Ward the “Silent Warrior” because he goes about his business and training in spiritual matter, sort of speak.  He’s not controversial or makes waves with negative headlines.  He doesn’t give bad press about his opponents, nor does he accepts it from them.  As Ward states, “he’s quick to listen, and slow to speak;”  I guess that’s part of the reason he refers to himself as the “S.O.G.” or the “Son of God,” as many of us boxing fans have come to understand.

After his courageous performance against Sergey Kovalev, I can safely say that he is the greatest current boxer of this post-Floyd Mayweather era.  If you don’t agree, just check the man’s resume.  The only other boxer that might come to mind is Ukraine’s own Vasyl Lomachenko, in which he earned a seven-round TKO over Nicholas Walters, of Jamaica.  As much as a ring magician as he is, I give Ward the nod over Lomachenko because of the level of competition that Ward has faced thus far in his career.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Trapp

“What a beautiful thing!  We did it baby!  It’s a lot of hardware — surreal!  This is what I set out to do.  Now I’m a five-time world champion in two different weight classes.  Man, it’s amazing!” – Andre Ward

As much as I detest the other possible outcome of the fight, it could have easily gone the other way.  In all honesty, I nearly lost it when Andre Ward got knocked down.  At that moment, I said, “this could be over before it even begins.”  I would have been disappointed had Ward lost, but I wouldn’t have been outraged, as some folks have gone on social media screaming  “robbery” or “politics as usual.”  I watched the fight three times in total, in an attempt to convince myself that Kovalev was robbed; I came away with the same conclusion after each viewing of the bout.  After the second-round knockdown (and a few skipped heartbeats), Ward — who was able to stay composed and gather himself to make sure he executes the game plan that he devised with his longtime boxing trainer and father figure, Virgil Hill,  impressed me with his gutsy performance that made him the unified WBA/WBO/IBF world light heavyweight champion and in my opinion, boxing’s pound-for-pound king.  It all came to the training, preparation, desire, faith and sheer will that led Ward to overcoming adversity and ultimately, a history-making win.

As expected, in the wake of a fight of this magnitude and controversy, talk of a rematch was inevitable.  God willingly, I hope to be ringside when they do.  A second-win in convincing fashion, would quiet the doubters and naysayers; but for now, let Andre Ward enjoy his moment in the sun and his heart-tested, laborious victory — for he has truly lived up to his moniker, the “Son of God.” I salute you brother.

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