Happy New Year 2018: Renewal of Faith, Purpose and Resolve

Happy New Year everyone!  2017 was equally an incredible and trying year for me.  Not just for the high moments, but more so for the low; the challenges, confusion, struggle, loss, fear, doubt and a slew of other emotions and obstacles that seemingly never ended.


Through all the adversity I faced this year, I still managed to keep my faith strong, keep smiling and stay focus on getting through each day, while knowing that I’m proud of the man who I’ve become in this present moment.  Going forward into 2018, there’s not much for me to change except to keep moving forward and continue to evolve as a person, a creative, a father, a son, a brother, a friend, a hopeful husband and most importantly, a decent and honorable human being.

With everything that’s been happening around us in this day and age, remember to prioritize your own happiness and peace of min.  It’s not selfish to ensure that you’re spiritually, physically and mentally anchored before you can tend to someone else’s needs and agendas.  At times, I’m guilty of this action and I end up dealing with the repercussions.  I’m sure many of you out there can relate to that.

The Official Orange Moonwerks Studios Logo

As far as my small business, Orange Moonwerks™ Studios, in which I’m working tirelessly to establish as a major art studio (or “art collective”) and an international apparel graphics company, I want to thank all of my amazing friends and supporters who helped me on my long, rigorous and exciting journey thus far.  If you’re interested in reading a bit of back story and the inspiration behind my small business, please take a few minutes to read an earlier blog post I wrote here.  I’m just going to continue to try my best to use my art and creativity to spread goodness, kindness, strength and bravery, with the hope to push love, justice and peace to the forefront of a complex world that desperately needs some nurturing.

As we go forward into 2018, I aim to stay the course and be adamant on building towards what I made up my mind to do, and achieve the desires of my heart… to be more prayerful.  Be more grateful.  Be more patient.  Work smarter, not harder.  Dream bigger.  Set goals, while achieving those goals in a timely fashion.  Repeat cycle.  What you think, so shall you become… stay tuned.

Love is key.

— R

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