NYFW 2019: A Quick Perspective On New York Fashion Week

Hey good people, Perennial Aesthete here! It’s that time of year again in NYC. Happy New York Fashion Week! Since its inception in 1942, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has been one of the largest events in the world that showcase the fashion collection of designers from all over the world. Along with shows in Milan, Paris and London, it’s a mainstay of the “Big 4,” where industry titans like Givenchy, Prada, Chanel and Burberry unveil high-end, prestigious collections at the illustrious semi-annual event (February and September) which each time around, it’s the hottest ticket in NYC.

Model: Shondell Hinds | Shot with iPhone XR

With that being said, I know you fashionistas out there love the Louis Vuitton’s, the Balenciaga’s and Dior’s of the world, but don’t forget to support the lesser-known designers, artists and creators (like myself, lol) who’s looking to make waves of their own. How do brands or independent artists survive or get their work off the ground without genuine help?

The beautiful lady in the photograph above, Shondell Hinds, who is my heart and biggest supporter, is sporting one of my custom women’s design “Cease The Moment” graphic t-shirts. Be sure to head over to orangemoonwerks.com to order a t-shirt for yourself or anyone you who loves graphic tees. The t-shirts are in limited print, so get one while you can before they go extinct! Thank you all for stopping by and I truly appreciate your support!

To my readers, I invite you to join me on Facebook and to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. You can also reach me via email at: rgilmore@orangemoonwerks.com. If you find any joy and value in what I do, would you consider providing support to help keep my blog going? Learn how by following the link here: Support the Blog


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