Cyber Monday Motivation: Dress Up Your Chest With One Of These Awesome Graphic Tees

Happy Cyber Monday good people! I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. I also hope that you survived some of the chaos that comes with hunting down bargains on Black Friday. I know it’s after midnight and Cyber Monday it’s officially over—at least, for some of us. I want to let you in on some great news though. As you can see in the featured photo on this post, I’m offering a 40% off sale on all graphic tees available at the online store of my website: The sale began on Black Friday and will extend through Cyber Monday until midnight on December 4, 2019.

Cease The Moment Graphic Tee | Orange Moonwerks Studios

To my supporters and those who took the time to read this post, I’m thankful and proud of what I’ve accomplished in my life thus far. I hope to keep doing it, while inspiring others to do the same. Despite meeting many goals in my life, it’s quite often a challenge to deal with the ups and downs that comes with the pursuit of happiness and success. It goes across the board of overall personal living: health, career, education, fatherhood, entrepreneurship and most importantly, spiritual growth. I’ve experienced so much, but I still believe my best life and my greatest work still lies at arms length before me.

Photo via Instagram: @perennial_aesthete

With that being said, whether it’s me or another creative, keep supporting your local independent artists, graphic designers, illustrators and so forth. Their passions pays their bills and art truly makes the world a better place. I always say that love is key; stop by my website: to pick up an early Christmas gift for yourself or the t-shirt lover in your life. If that’s not possible, no worries. It’ll be a big help if you can tell your family, friends and associates about what I do and share this post on your favorite social media platforms. I can’t express enough gratitude to all of you who’ve supported my journey as a small business owner. Thank you so much and have a happy and safe holiday shopping season.

To my readers, I invite you to join me on Facebook and to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. You can also reach me via email at: If you find any joy and value in what I do, would you consider providing support to help keep my blog going? Learn how by following the link here: Support the Blog


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