Happy New Year 2020: We All Want More, But What Is It That You DON’T want?

Happy New Year friends and family! I hope you brought in 2020 with abundant energy and positive thoughts. As I read over some of the posts left by my friends, family members and inspirational people that I follow on my social media platforms, I noticed there was a common theme. We all want better health, lucrative opportunities, increased prosperity, world travel, more quality time spent with our loved ones… and then there’s still YOU.

We all want to “be more” or “do more” in 2020, but have you thought about what you DON’T want to do? What are you willing to eliminate in your life in order to make greater progress in your personal journey? You might have to do a self-evaluation checkup: the people you keep in your circle, your health and lifestyle habits, the information you feed your mind with, your reaction to negative situations and how you maintain through difficult times.

I ceased making New Year’s resolutions years ago. I just continue to focus on adding to the legacy that I’m building by being fearless and unabashedly awesome. Life is far too short to not dream BIG, to be afraid of FAILURE and most importantly, dull your SHINE from being too concerned with the opinions of others. For example, if you look through my Instagram page, you can see that I’m building a business, I care about my health, fitness is a part of my lifestyle, I embrace fatherhood, I artistically express myself through various creative mediums, I cherish my love life, family relationships and friendships. I also strive to be a constant source of inspiration.

I’m determined to leave a mark in this marble madness called LIFE. My highest goal is to be a clear channel for myself and others. The pursuit of happiness goes nowhere if it ain’t within me. Stop. Repair. Recharge and Reset. We spend a tremendous amount of time and energy trying to “secure the bag.” Welp… but if we’re not careful, that bag will come for you.

Practice daily self-care… pray, meditate, exercise or simply be still. I’m “crazy” enough to see that God plays a hand in this volatile mix. My trust in him has to stay consistent to survive this voyage. Much love y’all. My transparency is crucial because I see so much grandeur. We’re all celestial composites. Remember that.

So what are you willing to let go in 2020 to be a better version of yourself? I’d love to read your answers and comments.

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