Boxing Training Motivation: Why Humility Matters In Success?

Hey good people, Ralph here! I just wanted to bring you up to speed of what’s been happening with me, things I’ve been contemplating and working on. In this post, I shared a link to a recent boxing video I uploaded on my YouTube Channel, in which I go into depth about some of the boxing drills that I do in my workouts. Just as importantly, I discuss a little bit about the power of humility and how crucial it is to one’s success.

Boxing Workout at Work Train Fight Gym in New York City

MIX IT UP! Regardless of whichever boxing bag I’m doing drills on, I like to keep things fresh and interesting so that my workouts don’t get bored or lackadaisical. My boxing workouts usually go for 8-10 rounds, for 4-5 minutes at a time. Sometimes, I just go until I’m tired, take a short break and I get right back to it.

Typically, I would do 4 rounds shadowboxing and then 6 rounds on a heavy bag. There’s always something to work on and improve. As I’m doing my drills on the Aqua Bag, I’m invariably finding a balance of thinking, analyzing, trusting my instincts and skill set. I’d focus on footwork, then head movement, power shots, measuring distance, finding my range and throwing punches with efficiency.

Even as I stepped into the world of boxing coaching and training, the name of the game is humility. I can’t express enough how that’s arguably the most integral part of personal growth and success. I will never claim to be a master of anything. As I continuously share knowledge and expertise that I’ve seek and gained, I’m equally enthused about remaining in a constant state of learning.

Supporting others are gratifying to me as well. Just helping and encouraging them through whatever issues that weighs them down. Talk less and listen more. Always work to tune out the negative noise by replacing it with positive mantras. Show up and keep showing up. Yes… humility can and will take us a long way in this world; but keep in mind that we’re on God’s time. So live your best life now.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your formal self.” — Ernest Hemingway

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