Launch of My New Boxing and Personal Training Business Venture: Perennial Boxing + Fitness

Music Credit: VonLichten – “In the Air Tonight (Feat. Jessica Carvo)

With that being said, I’m proud to announce my new boxing and fitness venture, Perennial Boxing + Fitness™. In addition, I’ve created and launched a new website for it as well, WWW.PERENNIALBOXING.COM. It took a lot of work, effort, strategic planning and many late nights lol, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. There’s nothing more gratifying than planting some seeds, water it every day and watching it grow into a fully grown tree.

NYC Boxing Coach, Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer and Founder of Perennial Boxing + Fitness, Ralph Gilmore, models Bruce Lee graphic t-shirt at New York City boxing gym in Soho, Manhattan.
Ralph Gilmore – Boxing Coach, Entrepreneur and Founder of Perennial Boxing + Fitness

Without giving away too much, Perennial Boxing + Fitness™ will be primarily based on private and group boxing training, with an emphasis on personal empowerment. Virtual classes will be prioritized as well, especially as we all get through this pandemic. Sounds good? Then let’s build together! I have so much in store for you in the coming days.

Please take a moment and take a tour of the Perennial Boxing + Fitness website: and let me know what you think. I’d more than welcome your feedback, suggestions and insight. Thank you for reading and your continuous support. Stay safe, keep practicing social distancing and have a great week ahead.

To my readers, I invite you to join me on Facebook and to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. You can also reach me via email at: If you find any joy and value in what I do, would you consider providing support to help keep my blog going? Learn how by clicking the link here: Support the Blog


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