My Thoughts on NYC Gyms and Fitness Clubs Reopenings. Will It Be Safe to Return During COVID-19?

Hello all! Ralph “The Perennial Aesthete” is here. I hope everyone is doing well—spiritually, mentally and physically. I wanted to touch upon New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent announcement on gym openings in New York City. I know many of my fellow New Yorkers are anxious to get back in the gym. Do I miss being there? You bet! However, I honestly have mixed feelings about it. The time of the COVID-19 pandemic has truly exposed the paradox of our world. The empathy and compassion of strangers and communities efforts and dedication for the most vulnerable. For the other side, the shameless greed of corporations that has no filter.

Photography by Ralph A. Gilmore (Work Train Fight Boxing Gym, New York City)

For a few months before the Coronavirus pandemic started to run rampant in NYC, I was part of the boxing training development team at Work Train Fight (WTF) gym in Noho, Manhattan. I was also operating as an independent boxing coach under my small business, Perennial Boxing + Fitness. I had the pleasure of using the boxing gym facility to train my clients as well. As far as right now, I currently train my clients in various park locations throughout the NYC area. Truthfully, I’m not in a hurry to begin training people or even perform my own personal workouts indoors just yet. I’m just remembering that only from last month, California Governor Gavin Newsom almost immediately had to shut down gyms and fitness centers as soon as they were allowed to reopen. It’s definitely a tricky situation and you have to proceed with extreme caution.

Photography by Ralph A. Gilmore

Whatever the end result will be, don’t forget how therapeutic taking your fitness regimen outdoors can be. Even if you’re not working out, simply relaxing and meditating at a park, a forest or a beach can provide terrific health benefits. Outdoors equals more oxygen, more mental clarity, relaxation and the awesome power of the sun provides us with vitamin D. Personally for me, along with being an entrepreneur, nature and outdoor scenery consistently fuels my mind with more inspiration and creativity.

Photography by Ralph A. Gilmore

I want to thank everyone who’s been supportive of only only my business endeavors and creative passions, but also for me being purely who I am as person. Transparency goes a long way and I aim to use my skill set and talents to provide a service to my community and as well as the world. Once you focus on your mind on your purpose, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Keep grinding!!

What are your thoughts on the New York City gym openings? Do you feel guaranteed for your safety? Should they be open at all? I’d love to read your answers, concerns and comments.

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