About Ralph

Hey good people! My name is Ralph A. Gilmore and thank you for taking time to get a glimpse at my blog. I’m an NYC native graphic designer, illustrator, comic book artist, writer, blogger, entrepreneur and CEO of Orange Moonwerks™ Studios. My small business operates as both an art studio (or “art collective”) and apparel brand company.

I’m a self-described modern day renaissance man; I have an unhealthy obsession for art, design, movies, comic books, tech gadgets, music, fashion, motorcycles, basketball, boxing and fitness. As you can tell, I’m a (not-so) secret super geek. I’m also a loving father of a 16-year-old female futurist.

My blog– The Perennial Aesthete, will revolve around my belief in the world-changing power of a thought or an idea.  This is a space in which I will not only share my personal work, but also share my personal insight on art, design, creativity, fatherhood, things and places that inspires me– and things that are happening in today’s society that concerns me. I hope that you can identify with my novel observations and my whimsical take on the content that I bring forth to you—I’d love to read your comments.

I believe that we are all here for a divine purpose. No matter what we do, every person on Earth plays a central role in the history of the world… and normally, we don’t know it. Everybody has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start to change the world.

I am… The Perennial Aesthete.

Thanks for stopping by.  Visit again soon!

To my readers, I invite you to join me on Facebook and to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.  You can also reach me via email at:  rgilmore@orangemoonwerks.com

To learn more about my work, please visit my website at: orangemoonwerks.com

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