My Open Letter of Gratitude to Former President Barack Obama (From Ralph A. Gilmore)

Dear Former Mr. President,

Ever since the day of your farewell speech, I’ve been meaning to put something together to honor you in my own way.  I’m not sure how much traction this post will get or even have the slightest possibility of my words reaching your vicinity.  If, by some miracle, you happen to come across this post, I want to start by saying, “thank you!”  I am proud of you and your wife, former First Lady Michelle Obama for all you’ve done for America and as well as the rest of the world.  Being a father myself, the main thing that I admire about you is that before anything else, you are a devoted and involved father, a loving husband and you always gave a sense that you was never above anyone else.  You proved by leaps and bounds that you are truly a man of the people.

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Marvel’s Final Trailer To ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Featuring Spider-Man!

So Marvel gave us the second trailer to ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and a first look at the newest variant of Spider-Man, the version that will connect to a solo Spider-Man film co-produced by Sony’s Amy Pascal and Marvel Studio head Kevin Feige. With Civil War being the biggest Marvel movie to date, the brand new trailer looks absolutely fantastic!  Black Panther in action is amazing and long overdue, the tension between Cap and Tony is intensely, self-evident and last but not least, we got Spider-Man swinging into the MCU!  But of course‚Äďas if with all superhero movies, you’re going to get a broad range of reactions from ordinary movie-goers, sacrificial geeks and die-hard fanboys.  To some, the suit looks like someone in the design department had a bit too much funny with the CGI effects.  While others instantly recognized and welcomed the Silver Age-inspired design.  As far as Spidey’s suit is concerned, I’m just hoping that it’s not the finished product.  I mean he does look a little weird… but hopefully, the suit will be a bit more polished by the time the movie rolls around this coming May.

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