Rapper and Philanthropist Nipsey Hussle: A Reflection of His Life’s Journey

Nipsey Hussle: A rapper, entrepreneur, community activist, father, and a source of inspiration.

Hey good people. Ralph here. After completing my workday at my freelance gig, I hopped on the A-train to travel up to Harlem. I stuck my headphones in my ears and selected my own curated list of favorite hip hop tracks. I hit the shuffle button on my trusty iPhone XR and ironically, the first song that came on was Nipsey Hussle’s “The Weather (feat. Rick Ross & Cuzzy Capone),” from the 2013 Album, “Crenshaw.” As I sat there on the train, listening closely and intently to the lyrics of the song, my eyes began to water. I repeatedly kept asking myself, “when will this shit stop?” It made me think of friends I grew up with and people that I personally knew, who’s lives were tragically lost due to bruised egos and unsettled beefs.

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