Motivational Fitness Video: “Classic Boxing with Ralph” Hosted By Guy Jack Levy

Peace and blessings good people! Ralph here. As we wind down towards the end of 2020 and just imagining how the COVID-19 pandemic affected so many of us, I hope this post finds you in the best of health. A few months ago, I was featured in a motivational fitness video series, hosted by professional athlete and good friend, Guy Jack Levy. I gave a little background on myself, talked about my passion for sports, fitness and specifically boxing, which offers a number of benefits to anyone regardless of your competitive or fitness level.

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Free Graphic T-Shirt Giveaway, Courtesy of Orange Moonwerks Studios

Hey good people! Ralph here. I hope you all are remaining safe and healthy as we continue to navigate through this COVID-19 pandemic. I’m going to ask for some assistance on this one. In these turbulent times, many of us entrepreneurs are doing the best we can to keep our small businesses afloat and as well as staying relevant in the public eye. With that being said, I’m running a promotional giveaway for my YouTube channel, in which I’ll be giving away a free, exclusive graphic t-shirt to five lucky individuals selected by lottery.

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Boxing Training Motivation: Why Humility Matters In Success?

Hey good people, Ralph here! I just wanted to bring you up to speed of what’s been happening with me, things I’ve been contemplating and working on. In this post, I shared a link to a recent boxing video I uploaded on my YouTube Channel, in which I go into depth about some of the boxing drills that I do in my workouts. Just as importantly, I discuss a little bit about the power of humility and how crucial it is to one’s success.

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