5 Heavy Bag Boxing Drills to Keep You Motivated | Perennial Boxing + Fitness

One of my clients recently mentioned to me that in their own training, they find themselves feeling uninspired in their bag training. I made a few suggestions, but the overall, key point is that to improve as a boxer, it requires a lot of dedication, hard work, patience and repetition.

When it comes to training on the heavy bag, you can’t just aimlessly throw punches and haymakers on the bag; you will either tire out quickly or lose interest. You have set some goals, create a game plan and stick to it.

For those who needs a little inspiration on working the heavy bag, I put together this video that will hopefully help you out. I divided the video up into 5 different parts highlighting what you can focus on during your heavy bag training.

5 Heavy Bag Boxing Drills to Keep You Motivated | Perennial Boxing + Fitness

Here’s the video breakdown of the 5 heavy bag boxing drills you can do in your next bag training workout:

• [ 0.01] Focus only on throwing your jab. Visualize establishing your jab in sparring/fighting. Make it a goal to throw your jab at different speeds and angles.

• [1.17] Throw straight punches, mixing in your jab with your cross. Be sure to fully extend your arms as you hit the bag.

• [2.24] Throw combo punches, using your footwork and varying your striking distance between yourself and the bag. Visualization is key here.

• [3.33] Throw punches from a southpaw position (or if you’re a lefty, orthodox). Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Don’t shy away from where you need to improve at.

• [4.38] Imagine yourself that you either tired your opponent out or you want to fight inside with a taller fighter. Throw short, powerful punches with bad intentions. Include head movement and keep your head off the center line when throwing punches.

I hope this video helps. Drop some comments below!

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